Update Directors and Officers

Update Corporate Information

Throughout the life of a corporation, changes are likely to occur. Update your corporate information such as Directors/Officers easily with ESC!

Following Incorporation (which only provides the Registered Office Address and First Directors) an initial return, referred to as a Form 1 filing, should be filed within 60 days from the date of Incorporation to establish the Directors, Officers, and Company Address’ (Registered Office and Mailing) with the Ministry of Government Services (MGS).

When changes to this information occur, the changes should also be filed within 15 days after the change has happened by filing a notice of change.

Often when you are required to provide your current Company information for reasons such as opening a Small Business Banking Account, for obtaining a loan or for the purpose of signing legal documents that pertain to your Corporation, the current Company Information that includes the Director’s, Officer’s and Address of the Company will be required and should be current.

Commonly, after Incorporating or when changes were made to a Company it turns out that although the Corporation agreed for these changes to be made they are not filed with the Ministry to ensure they are on public record.

Below, we provide easy-to-follow steps for updating your Company Information and getting a current record of the Company.

Update your Company Information

Follow this easy 3-step guide for updating your Ontario Corporation information.

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  • Step 1: Determine which type of filing you should complete.
  • Step 2: Complete your filing.
  • Step 3: Order a Corporate Profile with Current Company Information.

#1 Which Type of Filing?

The same type of form and online filing service referred to as an Initial Return/Notice of Change (Form 1) is used to establish or make changes to an Ontario Corporation’s Address’, Director and Officer Information. The type of filing is dependent on previous filings that have been completed by the Corporation.

The filing type will be an Initial Return if the Company has not previously filed this filing.

If the Company has filed their Initial Return for the Corporation all subsequent filings should be filed as a Notice of Change.

What is a data extract? A data extract is used to obtain the current information on file with the Ministry for your Corporation. This service automatically retrieves all Corporation information that will be changed and ensures the Names and Addresses exactly match the current Corporate record.

ESC strongly recommends completing the Initial Return/Notice of Change with a Data Extract to lessen the potential for discrepancies with the Company information.


#2 File an Initial Return/Notice of Change

The fastest, most efficient and cost effective way to complete updates to your Companies Administrators (Directors, Officers) and addresses in Ontario is to file the Initial Return/Notice of Change online. When a filing is completed online, the changes take effect immediately following the filing whereas if they are filed manually (taken in person or mailed in to MGS) can take as much as 25 business days to be effective on the Corporate public record.

To begin the filing process, you will require the following key information:

  • Corporation Details for Filing: You will need the following initial details to start your filing that can be obtained from your Articles of Incorporation:
    • Corporation Name (name of your Corporation). The filing requires the first 10 characters including spaces and appropriate punctuation.
    • Ontario Corporation Number (Your corporation number.)
    • Date of Incorporation/Amalgamation (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Filing Type: Initial Return OR Notice of Change should be selected.

Note: You will be required to validate your Corporation to proceed with the next filing steps by using the Electronic Corporate Index (ECI). A data extract will automatically pre-populate the current informational details outlined below if you opted to use this service.

  • Registered Office Address: This is the Companies address that MUST be a physical address and CANNOT be a P.O. box.
  • Mailing Address: This is the Companies mailing address and can be a P.O. box or be the same as the registered office address.
  • Director Information: Director must be an individual, cannot be a Corporation and must be at least 18 years of age. For Directors that are not Incorporators, a consent to Act as a First Director should be completed and kept at the registered office address within the Corporate Minute Book. The following will be required to complete the Incorporation process as it relates to Directors of an Ontario Corporation.
    • Directors’ Full Names: Include First, Surname and middle name is optional.
    • Directors’ Canadian Residency: A minimum of 25% of the directors of an Ontario Business Corporation with share are required to be resident Canadians. The Incorporation process will require you to indicate ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each Director.
    • Directors’ Address for Service: Include the Director’s address which is a physical address and not a P.O. box.
    • Elected or Ceased Dates: Include the dates for when a Director was elected or resigned (ceased). These dates can be back dated but cannot be future dated.

Note: There must be a minimum of one director in a Private (non-offering) corporation and a minimum of three directors in not-for-profit or Public (offering) corporation.

  • Officer Information: The same information that is required for Officer’s individual information with the exception of Canadian Residency is required. In addition to the individual’s information, officer positions; i.e. President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. are required.
    Note: Only the five most senior officers should be reported on the filing. All others should be kept track of in the Corporate Minute Book company records. Non-profit organizations must have a minimum of two senior officers (typically a President and Secretary).
  • Signing Officer: The signing officer is the person that is authorizing the filing. No original signature is required for filing.

To complete the filing, you will also require details such as your billing and contact information.

Upon submission of your order, an ESC order number confirmation will display on the screen. Once the filing is completed you will receive your filing confirmation in PDF format from [email protected] The PDF document serves as confirmation of your changes only and is not considered a government issued Corporate search report. For an official government record of the current Corporation information, proceed to step 3.

Ontario Online Initial Return/Notice of Change filings are processed from 8:10 am – 5:45 pm Monday to Friday. Submission outside of these hours will be processed automatically as soon as the service becomes available. For example: A submission on Saturday will be processed Monday morning.

Interested in getting in-person assistance with this service? Visit an Enterprise Toronto office near you.

If you have already completed the forms and are looking for further information on how you can have ESC handle the filing for you.


#3 Order a Corporate Profile Report

After you have completed your filing you may need an official government record that provides the Director, Officer, and Address information in which you filed on your Initial Return/Notice of Change.

A Corporate Profile Report is usually a requirement with many institutions that proves the current information of the Corporation. It also provides confirmation that you are an ‘Active’ business.