ESC Unveils its Refreshed Brand Identity

We at ESC are thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity and (coming soon) redesigned website. The updates show the evolution of our company since its founding in 2007 and pave the way for how we’re moving forward. We wanted the brand to reflect our expanding capabilities and give us space to celebrate the fun, vibrant relationships we have with each of you our loyal customers.

This design is a representation of an experienced and trusted organization founded on a complete understanding of the needs of our clients, but confident and ambitious in its outlook on the future and its ability to serve a much wider audience. The design speaks to our alignment and support of our parent company ISC who enables us to strategically build and expand our service, technology and markets.  It inspires confidence while encouraging clients and customers to expect a friendly and principled approach to service.

  • Squares represent stability. The bold lines in this design speak to strength, which represents ESC’s role as a trusted adviser to our clients. The boarders also represent our solid foundation going back over 100 years to our humble beginnings.
  • The way that the word mark integrates into the square suggests a seamless client and customer experience at ESC.
  • The use of dark blue for this mark conveys a confident corporate personality. Blue is also associated with strength, possibility, and openness.
  • The continued use of the Orange conveys a happy, friendly team and environment to help support our clients. The Orange is also a nod to our history and roots when ESC was formed in 2007.
  • You’ll note we’ve dropped “Corporate Services” from the logo.  We’ve been ESC to our friends for years.  It’s time to embrace that.

Our new tagline “Service. Experienced” is about Our People; they are our Foundation. Our team of 45+ law clerks & legal professionals, our senior leadership team with over 100+ years of combined experience in legal due diligence, public record search & registration solutions are all here to support and serve our clients across the legal, banking and commercial lending industries.

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