Credit Support Solutions

ESC understands that quickly establishing registration priority and performing due diligence is critical to enabling lenders to efficiently fund client applications in parallel with assessing credit risk and performing risk-based pricing on each file. ESC offers a variety of Credit Support Solutions. 

Enhance Your Credit Life-Cycle

Working to enhance the institution’s credit life-cycle by providing credit due diligence solutions is central to ESC’s collateral/security search and registration services. As traditional supporting agents for law firms acting for lenders, ESC’s PPSA search and registration toolkit is a cornerstone of the eService platform. Our PPSA team provides both pre- and post-registration due diligence in addition to tens of thousands of PPSA and other registrations on behalf of hundreds of law firm and financial services clients every year.

Lenders Small Commercial & Small Business Challenges

ESC understands that a lenders small commercial and small business clients present challenges with the preparation and renewal of credit facilities. These challenges are different than those for law firms facilitating very large commercial lending transactions even though both constituencies require timely and accurate results. The key to lender administration of credit transactions for small business clients is to implement automated processes that support national, exception-free closings.

Presenting Results

Financial institutions also need to ensure results are presented in a consistent format. Standardized summaries and/or detailed reports ensure training can be delivered uniformly to ever-changing credit operations support teams, who are responsible for maintaining compliance with regulatory frameworks, internal credit approval policies and closing processes. ESC understands these transaction workflows are not the same as registering securities against consumers for typical movable collateral.

How we Work with You

ESC works with lenders to understand their existing credit due diligence and registration workflows to develop customized solutions that work with, or are integrated into, the institution’s environment:

  1. Enhanced business entity identification and verification through a unified national method to validate the existence of the corporate or business name in any official government register in Canada, the United States or internationally.
  2. Automated retrieval of official government corporate profile to determine the status of valid corporations or business names as “Active”, “Inactive” or “Dissolved”.
  3. Retrieve original Corporate Charter or a compilation of subsequent amendments of Articles of Incorporation from official public sources to provide a complete corporate record.
  4. Automated order fulfillment of multiple forms of security or due diligence searches across Canada simultaneously in a singular summarized and standardized format.
  5. Data extraction from public records for the purposes of renewing or amending existing registrations or enhancing the level of automation associated with initial registrations in line with lender requirements.
  6. Customized reporting and/or notifications of expiry or priority for registrations.

ESC’s approach to credit support, credit due diligence and security registration is to work with lenders to ensure proposed workflows leverage public records data and not merely provision government documents. Harnessing the power of the content powers better internal processes with faster, more consistent outcomes. Exceptions are identified automatically and fulfilled through ESC’s team of specialized legal clerks.

ESC provides credit grantors with the best of both worlds: tailored data-centric solutions alongside exception-free processes supported by highly experienced law clerks familiar with all provincial regulations.

Complete, tailored nationwide credit support solutions. By design.

For a detailed presentation on how ESC can support your credit due diligence requirements contact Clare Fishwick at 416.204.3201 or send an email to [email protected]