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2017 July Edition
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Welcome to our latest edition of the ESC eNewsletter, where we hope to keep you updated on our latest news and provide you with valuable industry information and service support.

We always want to make sure we are working with our readers and are providing relevant content and would love to hear from you. Please send any ideas or feedback on our newsletter to: Vivianne Hartyoon at We look forward to hearing from you.

In This Issue:

  • Canada 150 – A bit of history about ESC and our Trusted Legacy
  • Customized Incorporate & Minute Book Bundles
  • Select ESC’s +45 paralegal & law clerks Outsourcing Service to Support your Firm this Summer!
  • New PPSA/RDPRM Management Technology
  • The Real Property Register Requirement
  • Thank You message from our President

Canada 150 – A bit of history about ESC and our Trusted Legacy 

With Canada celebrating its 150th anniversary this month, we hope you had an opportunity to take in and enjoy the festivities. Our company has a legacy almost as old as Canada itself, and we thought you’d be interested to learn just how far back our own history goes.

In 2009, ESC purchased an established corporate supplies business with 140 years of history behind it. Today, we supply thousands of customers from coast to coast with the highest quality and service they have come to expect. We inherited a trusted legacy that continues to grow by providing a robust catalogue of supplies with a sales and service team that is second to none. Quality, service and customization; these are the qualities that set us apart from the competition and we are proud to carry the mantle of that legacy, preserving them as the cornerstone of our commitment to you, our customers.

In keeping with that legacy, we’re always looking for ways to add value for our customers. From our discounts when you order online at, to our experienced service desk and knowledge staff, we are also committed to your loyalty through our rewards program that gives back to the communities in which we operate.

Our people are the foundation of ESC and the key to our success. Our Corporate Supplies team has 50+ years of combined experience continuing on the trusted legacy of professional customer service our customers expect from us.

Don’t delay, order online at or reach out to one of our Corporate Supplies Professionals today to access the largest array of choices for your corporate supplies:

Karen Bullock – – (416) 595-7177 ext 3540
James Haloulos – – (416) 595-7177 ext 3541

Our story doesn’t end there though. Since 2009, ESC has grown to become more than just a Corporate Supplies business. We now unite public record data with Legal Services, Financial Services and Corporations using best in class solutions to fulfill our clients due diligence, filings and corporate supply requirements. To find out more call us today at 416-595-7177 or toll free at 1-800-668-8208 and see how we can help you in any of these areas.

Together, we look forward to providing you with the best in corporate supplies, due diligence and filing needs as well as serving you for another 150 years.

Customized Incorporate & Minute Book Bundles

Build your firms Preferred Incorporation & Minute Book Service Solution that includes:


  • Articles Preparation & Filing
  • Minute Book, Shares, Tabs   & Seal

Contact Vivianne Hartyoon today to take advantage of cost savings by building your firms preferred Incorporation & Minute Book Service Solution.
Tel: 416-204-3161

We have a passion for continuing to improve how we service and support our law firm clients. ESC’s +45 law clerks located in both Montreal & Toronto offer customized assistance to design a complete Incorporation Package that includes:

* NUANS – Name Search Guarantee: A Matter of Experience

ESC has a strong understanding of the rules governing name granting both at the Federal and Provincial levels. We point out existing names that may cause problems and help you understand the legislative provisions affecting names, and we offer a guarantee on the name we approve.

We give our decision on a proposed name even before the governmental authority do. You avoid any delays caused by a rejection, since the authorities approve practically all of our decisions. In the extreme case of a rejection following the filing of your corporate Articles, we will offer you a new name search for free! This is our commitment at offering you a professional service!

* Preparation & Filing of Articles, Business Names & Annual Filings
ESC can draft your Incorporation documents to suite your needs. Speak with one of our corporate Law Clerks and feel confident that your filing is done right. Once you have submitted your filing information we will review your incorporation documents for accuracy before filing your Articles with the Government.

* Minute Book, Tabs & Seal
Remove the delay and have your Minute Book, Tabs & Seal Package arrive the same day as your filed Articles. Let us take care of ordering your preferred Minute Book customized packages at the same time as filing your Articles. Experience the difference as our reliability in providing fast efficient delivery of Corporate Supplies is what makes ESC Canada’s Law Firms Number #1 Choice.

Select ESC’s +45 Paralegal & Law Clerks Outsourcing Service to Support your Firm this Summer!

Your firm has relied on our Paralegals & Law Clerks located both in Montreal & Toronto to conduct your legal due diligence. We recognize this and are proud of our reputation for offering legal specialties required to support your firm’s unique servicing needs beyond the traditional a la cart search & registration order.

Many of you know our legal team by name and we want to extend our qualified, experienced outsourcing services to your firm to help manage through the summer vacation months.

Contact Vivianne Hartyoon, Director of Operations, to discuss customized servicing solutions.

New PPSA/RDPRM Management Technology

ESC is proud to announce a new PPSA/RDPRM web portal that will help your firm manage the renewals, amendments and discharges associated with your security interest registrations. Contact one of our Account Executives today to arrange a demo.

Mani Ayat – (416) 204-3543 or
Tim Anningson – (416) 204-3544 or

The Real Property Register Requirement

For existing OBCA corporations, a compliant register of ownership interests in land in Ontario must be in place by December 10, 2018, the second anniversary of the effective date of the amendments. However, corporations that are incorporated or continued under the OBCA on or after December 10, 2016, will need to comply immediately.

What is required
The register is to be kept at the corporation’s registered office and must record certain information. For example, it must state the acquisition and (if applicable) disposal dates of each property. Moreover, supporting documents, such as deeds and transfers, must be kept with the register if they contain information relating to:

  • the property’s municipal address, if any;
  • the registry or land titles division and the property identifier number;
  • the property’s legal description; and
  • the assessment roll number; if any.

While these requirements may not be overly problematic for OBCA corporations that rarely buy or sell interests in land, those for whom the holding of real property is a core business activity may find the administrative burden of compliance to be significant and possibly even onerous.

ESC can help your firm by ordering the associated title searches to assist in completing Property Registries in order to comply with this new OBCA incorporation requirement. We can also work with your firm to design batch servicing solutions to assist in developing a complete register of ownership interest for your corporations that were incorporated prior to December 10, 2016.

ESC is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service through our Legal Center of Excellence, Innovation and Thought Leadership as we help your business succeed! On behalf of our entire team, thank you for your continued loyalty and support. Have a great summer.


Chris Valentine, President

Chris Valentine

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