Document Filing

Corporation filings

Corporation filings apply to Companies that have been Incorporated (filed Articles of Incorporation) and want to file additional documents relevant to this Company.

ESC offers a full list of Corporation Filing services in all jurisdictions across Canada such as Ontario Initial Return/Notice of Change (Form 1) and Annual Return for Ontario and Extra-Provincial Corporations, Extra-Provincial filings and Registrations, and various Federal filings.

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Securities filings

Security filings are done to protect creditors from unwanted actions by the debtor such as selling purchased goods in bulk and/or relocating them out of Province in which they were purchased with the borrowed credit, and from the possibility of the borrowed credit not being paid back due to some unforeseen circumstances that may prevent the debtor from paying it.

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Manual Document filings

ESC supports all manual filings with the Ministry of Government Services and Canadian Securities Registration Systems.

Common types of manual document filings:

  • Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment, Articles of Dissolution, etc.
  • Non-profit filings
  • Corporate filings of Form 1 type documents
  • Business Name filings and registration
  • Extra Provincial registration filings
  • Bank Act Affidavit filings

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