Nationwide Due Diligence Services

Our Nationwide Due Diligence services have everything you need to order full due diligence packages across Canada in one place. Either select products one by one and combine them into comprehensive search packages, or create package templates and re-use them any time you need to order the same set of searches. Whatever the way, ESC makes it easy to satisfy your nationwide due diligence needs effectively and efficiently.

The following are components of the Nationwide Due Diligence service available at your fingertips through our online eService platform:

  • Corporate Searches
  • Business Searches
  • Security Searches
  • PPSA Searches
  • Enhanced Search Report


Corporate Searches

A Corporation is a business entity that is considered to be a separate legal entity that carries its own debts and liabilities separate from the owners and shareholders. There are many variations of Corporations such as: Profit Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, Associations, Societies, Extra-Provincially Registered Corporations, or Corporations enacted by Special Acts.

Corporate Searches can be conducted Nationwide, in the U.S. and internationally to determine information about a Corporation based on the Public Record. Corporate searches can provide both past and current details regarding a Company.

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Business Searches

A business name registration is required in most Provinces to operate an establishment with a name either than the exact name of the owner. In some provinces, such as Quebec, even an individual name can be registered to operate a Sole Proprietorship. Business searches provide the details of the registered name and can provide both past and current details regarding the Business. Business names are generally grouped into a few different types that are classified as follows:

Sole Proprietorship: a business that is not Incorporated (not a Corporation) that has one sole owner.

General Partnership: a business that is not incorporated that has two or more owners.

Corporation Trade Name: a registration by a Corporation of a name other than its legal name often referred to as an ‘operating name’.

Limited and Limited Liability Partnership: a special partnership registrations where one or more partners will have different forms of liability as it relates to the business.

Extra-Provincial Limited Liability Company or Partnership: Companies or Partnerships formed under laws of another Jurisdiction.

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Security Searches

Due diligence is a method in which searches are performed to obtain a complete understanding of all legal obligations associated with a person or business. These searches are commonly referred to as Security Searches (or Securities Searches). ESC provides security searches that can be conducted against an Individual, Business or Corporation across the Country. Searches will reveal both present and historical information relating to debts and liabilities, pending and potential lawsuits, bankruptcy, liens, judgments, and sales of assets in Ontario.

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PPSA Searches and Summary Services

What is PPSA?

PPSA (Personal Property Security Act) is a provincial legislation that governs priorities for the purchase and sale of moveable property where the creditor has a security interest in the property. The form of security interest that is granted over an item of property to secure payment by a debtor or performance of some other obligation, is commonly referred to as a lien.

PPSA search reports indicate whether the personal property of a corporation, individual, business name or a motor vehicle identification number is encumbered and subject to the security interests of creditors. PPSA registrations enable creditors to register, modify, renew and discharge their interests on the respective personal property outlined above.

ESC Corporate Services provides a service offering of PPSA Search and Registration services nationwide. Services also include search and registration under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) the United States equivalent to PPSA in Canada.

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Enhanced Search Report

The ESR automatically summarizes the results of your searches in a professional and easy-to-read format suitable for submission directly to your clients, saving you time, effort and cost. Read More >

How can you Benefit by ordering ESR?

  • ESR Eliminates time consuming effort and the potential for transposition errors when copying the search results from a variety of formats into one report suitable to present to lawyers, colleagues and clients
  • ESR Provides at a glance overview of the search results
  • ESR Helps you spot essential search results information quickly

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