Notice of Security Interest (NOSI) Registrations

ESC’ NOSI filing solution allows for Canada-wide registering of liens against land and personal property. ESC’s customers are using ESC’s advanced NOSI filing solution to reduce losses and access lower cost of (securitized) funds.

Benefits of ESC’s NOSI Filing Solution

  • Improved Efficiencies
    • Integration to lender’s LOS expedites filing process and reduces errors.
    • Leverage ESC’s in-house NOSI expertise, process automation and economies of scale.
  • Broader Range of Assets
    • Collateral descriptions carefully crafted to align with ministry requirements increasing approvals.
    • HVAC, Solar Panels, Generators, Geothermal Equipment, Hot tubs, Roofing Tiles, Storm Windows, Solariums, sun decks, etc.
  • Homeowner Verification
    • Integrated HOV to ensure owner is on title and correct information is applied to NOSI registration.
    • Map Civic address to legal description
  • National Coverage
    • Provincial registration form automation adapts fields based on each individual provinces data requirements.
    • Maps filings to appropriate registry office (~90 countrywide)
  • Traceability & Auditability
    • Track status of each NOSI filing.
    • Track NOSI-secured collateral inventory.