FAQ: Incorporations

Here are answers to questions about our incorporation services:

  • Ontario Incorporation
  • Federal Incorporation

About Incorporation in Ontario

  1. What legal ending should I use?
    There is no difference from the legal standpoint of which legal ending to use, it is a matter of personal preference.
  2. How fast are filed Articles of Incorporation processed?
    Immediately. Ontario Online Incorporations are processed Monday to Friday from 8:10am – 5:45pm (excluding holidays). Submissions outside of these hours will be processed automatically as soon as the service becomes available the next business day.
  3. Do I need a lawyer to get Articles of Incorporation filed?
    A lawyer is always a valuable resource in terms of giving legal advice. However, a lawyer is not required to file an incorporation.
  4. Can I incorporate with a different legal ending from that on the NUANS Report?
    Yes, when filing your Articles of Incorporation, you can select a different legal ending from the one you had in your proposed name.
  5. Should I have a numbered or a named corporation?
    This is a matter of preference, but generally, if you are planning to operate under your corporate name or if your corporate brand is important, then often a named corporation is better.
  6. Is a corporate number the same as GST number?
    Your corporate number is the corporate identification number issued by the Ministry of Government Services and is different from the GST number that is issued by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  7. Do I need to register extra-provincially in other provinces if I incorporated in Ontario?
    This is not a requirement. However, if you wish to do business in other jurisdictions in Canada, you do need to file an extra-provincial license or registration in that jurisdiction.

About Federal Incorporation

  1. Is a NUANS Report sufficient name pre-approval for federal Incorporation?
    Even though a NUANS Report is a mandatory requirement, it is not the same as a Federal Name Decision. A Federal Name Decision is the actual name pre-approval issued by Corporations Canada and is a guarantee that the name will be accepted for incorporation.
  2. What do I do if my name has been rejected?
    If your name has been rejected, you can request a NUANS Report for another name and apply for a Federal Name Decision again, or comply with the requirements outlined by Corporations Canada to use the proposed name.