FAQ: Registrations & Filings

Here are answers to questions about our registration and filing services:

  • PPSA Registrations
  • Business Name Registrations
  • Corporate Filings
  • Securities Filings

About PPSA Registrations

  1. What is the maximum number of years I can register a PPSA for?
    The maximum number of years you can register a PPSA for is 99, which is considered a Perpetual Registration. The fee for these types of PPSA registrations is $500.00.

About Business Name Registration

  1. What types of business registrations are there?
    The types of Business Registrations include Sole proprietorship’s, various forms of Partnerships, and Corporate Styles. This also includes Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships.
  2. How long is a business registration active for?
    In Ontario, business registrations are active for 5 years, after which they expire if they are not renewed. Each province has its own regulations regarding the term of a business name registration.
  3. Can I file an amendment if the business owner has changed?
    No. If there has been a change of businesses owner, a new business registration has to be filed.
  4. Is a NUANS Report required for business registrations?
    NUANS Reports are not required for business name registrations. However, we do suggest completing a preliminary name search to determine if your proposed Business Name is available.
  5. Is my Business Name protected?
    Business Names are not protected the way corporate names are, which makes it possible for someone else to register a business name identical to yours.
  6. Can Corporations use Business Names?
    Corporations can register one or more business names to carry on business as. These types of business names are referred to as Business Style or Operating As names.
  7. Can Corporations become partners in a partnership?
    Yes, Corporations can register as Partners in any form of a partnership.

About Corporate Filings

  1. When does the Form 1 Initial Return need to be filed?
    Initial Returns can be filed after incorporation and should be filed within the first 60 days after incorporation.
  2. Who can authorize a filing?
    Any director, officer or individual with knowledge of the corporation, such as your lawyer, can be the person authorizing the Form 1 filing.
  3. What is a Data Extract?
    A Data Extract is used to obtain the current information on file with the Ministry for your Corporation. This service automatically retrieves all Corporation information that may be changed, and ensures the names and addresses exactly match the current Corporate record. ESC recommends using a Data Extract for filing an Initial Return/Notice of Change or Annual Return when changes to Director/Officer information are being completed.
  4. Is ordering a Data Extract a mandatory step?
    It is not. However, we recommended ordering one to verify the existing information on file before making any changes in order to avoid filing duplicate or contradictory information.
  5. After filing an Initial Return/Notice of Change or Annual Return, how fast is the information updated at MGS?
    The Ministry database is updated immediately upon filing.
  6. Do filings for previous years override current information in the MGS database?
    Yes. Any new filings, regardless of the year for which they are filed, override old Ministry information.

About Securities Filings

  1. What are Securities Filings?
    Securities Filings are various types of filings that are performed by lenders or creditors in order to secure their interests.