Our Partners

ESC Corporate Services’ mission is to give its customers innovative, reliable, efficient and cost-effective business solutions.

In order to help our professional clients improve their productivity, efficiency and integrity in servicing their respective client base, ESC has partnered with government and industry leaders in order to continue to develop innovative, cost effective and reliable solutions.


Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGS).

ESC is an Official Service Provider to the Ontario Ministry of Government Services (MGS). As a Service Provider, ESC has direct electronic access to the government’s ONBIS database and services. Through it’s online platform, ESC is able to facilitate for it’s clients in real-time everything from searching government records for businesses and corporations, to incorporating new companies and registering new businesses, to filing of corporate notices and Annual Returns via CIA Form 1.


ESC’s is partnered with Sterling Marking Products Inc. to facilitate for our clients the end-to-end incorporation and organization process starting from the formation of a new company through to getting customized corporate supplies delivered the next day.