Corporate Searches

Corporate searches are performed by searching the public record for entities that are or have been incorporated in the specified jurisdiction. These searches generally include the following corporate information:

  • All incorporated, continued or amalgamated entities.
  • Extra-provincial corporations carrying on business in Ontario.
  • Both for-profit corporations and non-profit organizations.
  • Corporations enacted by special Acts.

ESC Corporate Services ensures real-time fulfillment for all of its federal and provincial corporate searches. All corporate information search results are delivered online in a convenient PDF format.

ESC Corporate Searches:

  • Profile Report – Order online $22.00
  • Certificate of Status
  • Copies of Articles
  • Document List
  • Documents Ledger (BC)
  • Business Names List
  • Point-in-Time Report
  • Statement of No Record
  • Certificate of No Record
  • Certificate of Non-Filing
  • Corporate Existence Search
  • Inactive Corporate Search of TC/RC Files
  • Corporate Data Extract
  • Microfiche (Ontario)