Recovery Solutions

Entering the Recovery space is a key pillar of our growth strategy. On August 1, 2020 ESC purchased the assets of Paragon Inc., a technology enabled firm that facilitates the co-ordination of asset recovery:

  • Fully managed service across Canada and US: identification, retrieval and disposition of movable assets all  powered by technology and optimized by analytics.
  • Integrated with ESC’s Lien Registry Services Platform to optimize the file triage diligence processing.
  • Performance management of bailiffs, investigators and auctions.
  • Increase recoveries through our superior supply chain management experience.  Our customers comment “ESC’s asset recovery agents take a high-touch personal approach”.
  • Robust reporting offering advanced insights on performance metrics.
  • 30 years plus experience advising all key stakeholders in the asset recovery process.
  • New! Repo Intelligence Complete –  Asset Recovery Triage – COVID Preparedness Validation. 

Recovery Solutions Features & Benefits

ESC Technology

Offers an integrated repo module allowing lenders to quickly & efficiently initiate and manage an asset recovery.

One Click Capabilities

With just One-Click  a lender can initiate an Asset Recovery (integrated with lien filing module)​.

Automated Document Generation

Auto generate customizable documents (notices, etc.) requiring no data re-entry eliminating errors and improving SLAs while using less FTE’s​.

Embedded Workflows

Embedded workflow to comply with internal processes and Canadian provinces’ legal requirements​.

API Connectivity

Servicing system integration gives the ability to receive current loan info directly from servicing system​.

Smart Decisioning

Built in calculations to facilitate key decisions (i.e. seize or sue)​.

Agent Rating Capabilities

Rate third party agents across all lending users as volumes grow.  Provide volumes to those who provide the best, most-timely service at the best price​.

Customizable Reporting

Customizable reporting on key metrics (i.e. time-to-recovery)​.