Collateral Management

A single platform to power your registry and recovery processes, end to end, including security perfection, monitoring/maintenance of liens, and the completion of recovery assignments. All while ensuring compliance with all legal, regulatory and privacy requirements. 

A complete platform, from registry to recovery

Our technology includes a range of integrated features that improve efficiency and mitigate risks, including these:

Included features

Nationwide support

With offices in BC, Ontario, and Quebec, all time zones are covered. ESC staff take a customer-first approach, and offer French language support.

Automated PPSA/RDPRM, NOSI & UCC processing

Enables ESC to offer lower registration costs and industry-leading SLA to our customers.

Upfront lien validations

At the time of filing, our system checks data against provincial regulations, KYC business databases, and other trusted data sources.

Trigger monitoring

Be alerted to bankruptcies, collateral moves, name changes and more as our system checks against real-time credit bureau data, corporate registry data, internal and 3rd-party data attributes.

Portal dashboard view

Provides real-time reporting on PPSA/RDPRM/NOSI/Repair Lien registrations and a variety of due diligence searches such as PPSA, Land Title and Homeowner Verification. 

Turnkey recovery solutions

Integrates with our registry service to ensure the most efficient process from start to finish, including file and supplier management, asset control, detailed file auditing and payment.

Additional Services

Homeowner Verification (HOV)

An HOV confirms that a person or company is on title at the land registry without incurring the full cost of a land title search. 

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Canadian Land Title Search

Conducting a land title search for a particular property through this service provides you with the name of the registered owner and a list of any registered legal interests or notations that affect the title. 

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Analyzed Debtor/VIN Search

Through enhanced automation, the system can prepare the PPSA/ RDPRM search summary by capturing all prior lien holders, driving the automated generation of waiver letters, PMSI, and priority/subordination agreements. 

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Lien Validation and Triggers

ESC’s lien validation and consumer monitoring solution was built through strategic partnerships with trusted data providers. Over time, we developed an automated workflow, replacing the need for manual review and investigations.

ESC’s lien monitoring offers upfront validation when our clients migrate their portfolio over from an existing service provider, or enter new registrations in the system.

This workflow allows users to review alerts and decide right away whether they are required to take action, such as re-registering a lien in another province.

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Unperfected Lien Analysis

ESC will review your secured portfolio (or select parts of it) and identify liens where key borrower information is inaccurate or has changed over time. 

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Batch Remediation (Portfolio Cleanse)

Typically, following the findings of the Unperfected Lien Analysis, ESC will amend the liens by correcting or updating the borrower’s information (e.g., names and aliases) or registering the lien in the correct province or territory (i.e., in case the borrower has relocated). 

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UCC Filings

Protect your security interest against third parties in the U.S. by registering your financing statement in accordance with the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code).

ESC’s online process enables you to register your financing statements in any of the 50 states.

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