Québec Services

We have 40 years of experience in this specialized field and are pleased to share with you our know-how. ESC, through our division formerly known as CRAC has grown consistently since it was founded in 1979. In 2000, we were the first intermediary firm to build the first web application to assist you in setting up new corporations. Within this solid framework, CRAC is more than ever in position to provide high quality services.

Québec and Federal Incorporations

Whether it is for the filing of your articles of incorporation, amendment, amalgamation or other, our team of paralegals ensures that your documents are compliant. Any errors or omissions in the form are pointed out to you in order to avoid a delay or a notice of defect. Once the documents are ready, we file them with the government and follow up on them. When we receive your certificate, it is sent to you and may be accompanied by any corporate accessory ordered.

TaxExpress Online


Whether you are the accountant or the legal advisor of a company, you will be delighted to be able to offer this complementary service to your clients. It allows you to quickly obtain the main business tax numbers from Revenue Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency. The task is now reduced to its simplest expression at a very competitive price. Thanks to TaxExpress, you can quickly obtain the following numbers: GST, QST, source deductions and deductions, tax numbers, import/export number.

  • The Paper Questionnaire – Whether on www.Incoweb.com or in paper format, all you have to do is complete our simplified questionnaire. Once this has been transmitted to our offices, our specialists will verify your information and contact you if additional information is required. We then ensure the filing and follow-up of your request until the numbers are obtained. You will thus obtain your numbers quickly, simply and without even moving!

  • The Online Form – By using www.Incoweb.com to complete and send us your TaxExpress questionnaire rather than the paper format, you will save on our service fees! In addition, you will benefit from the automatic validations of the system which will tell you right away if information is missing. The prices mentioned are intended for professionals who have an account opened with us.

Québec Declaration

(Registrations, Initial, Updating, Annual)

We can help you file a declaration of registration, an initial declaration, an updating amending declaration or any other type of declaration with the Quebec Business Registry. Our team of specialists will review the submitted information and contact you if they identify any deficiencies. We will then file your documents and monitor file progress until the declaration is processed. We take care of everything for you.

Corporate Organization

The Minuteplus™ Service: The entire organization of the corporation in one single step. This service includes: the general by-laws, the first resolutions of directors and shareholders, the share certificates and the ledgers.

MinutePlus (For Legal Professionals Only)

Trademark Services

Through our partner Canyon IP ESC can offer a full range of trademark services. Canyon takes care of the entire process of registering your trademark, all over the world. They can help you better protect, manage and grow your brand portfolio with strategies and advice tailored to your needs.

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