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A trusted provider of KYC legal due diligence services in Canada for decades. We’ve acquired a variety of leading companies to expand our expertise and become the leading KYC and corporate data validation solution in the country.

Know your customer

Our Products

Personal ID Verification (SIDni™)

SIDni™ integrates with your existing processes and connects to multiple Canadian data sources to simplify KYC verifications and FINTRAC compliance. Benefits include: cost reductions, a seamless customer experience, the ability to expand into new markets and acquire new customers online, increased verification and automatic approval rates, and a streamlined application process.

Commercial Verification (LEV®)

LEV® provides quick and easy due diligence on legal entities in all jurisdictions in Canada, allowing for quick decisions on lending, processing payments, and opening business accounts. Benefits include: instant verification of legal entity information, simplification of portfolio management and monitoring, pre-population of digital applications, reduction of transposition errors, streamlining of the application process, and acquiring new customers online.

Beneficial Ownership (Attestanet™)

Attestanet™ combines LEV and SIDni functionality in one out-of-the-box solution, so you can start building clientele in a fully digital environment. Benefits include: quick verification of legal entity information, incorporation of additional KYC information from the applicant, and instant digital verification of applicant identity.

Unparalleled Service

Our KYC services integrate with all Canadian registries including provincial and federal corporate registries, land title offices, and PPR/RDPRM. We’ve also expanded our geographic presence to include search and registration services in the U.S., and corporate search services internationally. These expansions have helped us grow our business to provide unparalleled service to our clients.

Our KYC partners include

A History of Firsts

ESC has a long history of delivering industry-leading solutions and expertise to unite public records, customer authentication, and corporate legal services to optimize lending practices.

ESC developed the first KYC solution to support a major bank in Canada, and has since grown to support banks and Fintech lending firms.

ESC was also the first company to:

  • Provide three layers of authentication for individuals to attest beneficial ownership (and first to support remote information-capture from a validated third party)

  • Integrate data and analytics to ensure valid lien filings at the time of registration and to monitor the portfolio thereafter

  • Integrate client onboarding and KYC functionality to offer data capture, flagging of risk items, review queues, calendared follow-ups, and auditability

  • Offer homeowner verification reports that validate property ownership without pulling multiple land searches

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