Registry Complete

ESC provides clients with access to public record and legal process management — delivering reliable, cost-effective legal support through best-in-class technology and customer service. 

Enhanced User Experience

Registry Complete is the smart and efficient way to handle search and registration. Take advantage of more tools, faster turnaround, and a greater array of services. Registry Complete:

  • Is connected to all the registries in Canada.

  • Helps minimize data entry errors, thanks to automated processes and exceptional user-experience design.

  • Provides complete audit capabilities and full transparency in data and results.

  • Includes the best service-level agreements in the market.

  • Can be accessed through a web portal, system to system (API) connectivity or batch services.

Full Due Diligence Searches

With Registry Complete, you can quickly and easily conduct searches on individuals, businesses, or corporations across Canada.

  • Multi-name search – Save time and effort by requesting various search types for multiple names in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Corporate Verification – Search corporate registries efficiently, to ensure a corporation is registered and active.

  • Corporate Report – Get full corporate registry reports with key information such as directors and officers.

  • Lien Searches – Search a specified provincial or territorial registry for active liens, referencing a specific piece of serialized collateral, or debtor name.

Consolidated Search Results

Through Registry Complete, access ESC’s industry-leading enhanced search summary report (ESR), which summarizes key data points from various ministry searches, including:

  • Corporate Profiles

  • PPSA – Debtor/VIN

  • Certificates of Status

  • Bank Act, Bankruptcy

  • Litigation and Writs of Execution.

The ESR template is customizable. Add your logo and choose which products you want included in the ESR. The ESR streamlines and eliminates the need to manually review and summarize raw data results, saving time and money.

Complete Lien Management

Use Registry Complete to manage liens, from start to finish.

  • Lien registrations – Submit liens to the specified provincial or territorial registry.

  • Lien amendments – File a change to any lien at any point. Subsequent registry searches on the debtor or asset will reflect the updated information contained in the amendment.

  • Lien renewals – Renew a lien to extend its effective lifetime.

  • Lien discharges – Remove/release liens in a timely manner when the debtor has fulfilled his/her obligation.

Premium Service

We take pride in being the market-share leader in this space — and our clients tell us it’s because of our approach to service.

With an operations team of more than 60 experienced paralegals and law clerks, we’re here as a valuable resource whenever a question or issue comes up. And with options for complete outsourcing too, you can trust us to do the heavy lifting on your behalf whenever you’re experiencing a backlog or need to free up your staff’s time.

Premium service means we put you at the center of everything we do. Talk to us, and experience it first-hand.

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