Recovery Complete

ESC offers a fully integrated recovery solution to save you time and effort in the identification, retrieval, and disposition of movable assets. Available across Canada and the US, it’s powered by technology and optimized by analytics.

Our Capabilities

Our technology-driven process facilitates the co-ordination of asset recovery, from start to finish. This fully managed service continuously outperforms traditional remarketing streams to fully realize asset equity, both in terms of revenue and time saved. It offers:

  • performance management of bailiffs, investigators and auctions.

  • robust reporting for advanced insights on performance metrics.

  • increased recoveries through superior supply chain management experience.

  • integration with ESC’s Lien Registry Services Platform to optimize the file triage diligence processing.

Features & Benefits

ESC technology offers an integrated repo module, so you can quickly and efficiently initiate and manage any asset recovery.

  • Initiate an asset recovery with a single click to save time and effort.

  • Auto-generate customizable documents with no need to re-enter data, eliminating errors and improving SLAs.

  • Comply with provincial legal requirements and internal processes using embedded workflows.

  • Access current loan details directly, through integrations with your servicing system.

  • Watch workflows as they happen, for easier file management.

  • Facilitate key decisions (i.e., seize or sue) based on predetermined calculations.

  • Rate third-party agents and provide volumes to those who provide the best service at the best price.

  • Run customized reports on key metrics (e.g., time-to-recovery).

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