Manual Document Filings

ESC supports all manual filings with the Ministry of Government Services and Canadian Securities Registration Systems.


What Types of Forms do we file?

ESC offers the following types of manual filings:

Please contact us for information on these services:

By email at [email protected]

By phone at 416.595.7177/800.668.8208

What Offices we do Filings at?

To manually file documents, ESC attends at the following offices, depending on the type of document filed:

Filings outside of Toronto are arranged through Agents of ESC and applicable fees apply – Contact us for further details.

Where to Send Your Package?

Dependent on the filing requirements, documents should be sent:

ESC Corporate Services Ltd.
Attn: Document Filing
445 King Street West, Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1K4

By email to [email protected] Attention: Document Filing

What are the Prices?

The following are the prices and turnarounds for each type of manual document filing:

Type of Filing Fee Disb. Turnaround
Ontario Profit Articles, Notice, Annual Return,
or Business Name Filing
$32.00 varies varies
Ontario Profit Article Filing with NUANS Ordered $32.00 varies varies
Ontario Non-Profit Article Filing $32.00 varies varies
Federal Article Filing $32.00 varies varies
Bank Act Filing $40.00 $37.00 + courier same day

Please contact us for information on these services:

Forms – MGS

Articles of Incorporation is only the start of a company’s life. Throughout this life, a company may go through a variety of changes from a change in Share Structure, to mergers or acquisitions, to continuance in another jurisdiction, to rearrangement, to dissolution. As changes occur, they have to be reflected in the corporate record by filing appropriate documentation with the Ministry of Government Services. Below is a full list of other types of Articles that may or may not be required to be filed throughout a company’s life:

For-Profit Corporations under Business Corporations Act

Extra-Provincial Corporations (Foreign/Outside Canada) under Extra-Provincial Corporations Act

Non Profit Companies under Corporations Act

Email us any questions to [email protected] Attention: Document Filing