About ESC Corporate Services

ESC Corporate Services Ltd. was founded in 2009 through the acquisition of two well-established firms based in Toronto and Montreal, respectively. In 2015, ESC was acquired by Information Services Corporation (ISC). Headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, ISC is the leading provider of registry and information management services for public data and records.

In 2017, ESC acquired AVS System Inc. an automation software technology service that serves the complete lifecycle of a lending and credit issuing transaction. AVS developed the first automated PPSA system with full integration to government registries. The acquisition enhances and compliments ESC’s portfolio by adding a robust set of services including: KYC Compliance Scorecard, Attestation – Beneficial Ownership, PPSA/RDPRM Registration automation, PPSA/RDPRM Analyzed Search, Waiver/PMSI Document Generator, NOSI, Default Management – Insolvency, Collections & Repossession, Mortgage – Land Searches & Registrations and Lien Validation – Unperfected Lien Analysis Reporting.

ESC takes a leadership position in providing corporate legal services and public records search/registration services to banks, law firms, fin-techs, auto/equipment leasing captives and insurance/accountant institutions across Canada. Our strategic focus is to deliver industry leading solutions uniting public record data, customer authentication, corporate legal services and collateral management to support optimal lending practices through innovation, technology and deep domain expertise.

For Law Firms and Professional Corporations

ESC leverages all of its employees’ experiences, along with the traditions of its predecessor company, to provide a complete suite of corporate services and supplies. Our services support the due diligence and corporate registration requirements of a diverse community of law firms, ranging from national firms to sole practitioners. ESC’s online services and dedicated professionals make us the service provider of choice for professional firms seeking to perform corporate due diligence and filing functions.

ESC understands the trust our clients place in us. We treat all our customers with the same level of professionalism and care while we work to exceed their expectations with the highest quality products and services.

For Financial and Insurance Institutions

ESC provides our Canadian financial institution clients with customized, automated and proven solutions to validate the status of their business entities. Validation includes both primary and secondary proof of existence, as well as performing other compliance activities associated with client on-boarding and credit risk management according to established AML/KYC regulations and internal risk management guidelines.

ESC provides customized and automated solutions with best-in-class service levels designed to make regulatory compliance and client due diligence a competitive advantage, regardless of jurisdiction, the nature of the business entity, or the level of automation of public records in a jurisdiction.

Our Services

ESC prides itself on supporting all of our clients’ requirements and providing our expertise on everything including using our online services, providing “question-and-answer” gatherings, and sharing in our subject matter knowledge with those that mean the most to our business: our clients!

ESC provides services to our clients ranging from our online eService platform, customized web interfaces and XML web service implementations, as well as taking orders by phone, fax or email.

Our focus is to understand our clients’ needs first, then provide the most effect solutions tailored to meet each clients’ requirements. If you are interested in discussing what options would deliver the best results for your organization, please contact us by email.