SIDni™ Individual ID Verification

Changing the way you acquire new customers

SIDni™ makes it easy to conduct KYC verifications on individuals in a non-face-to-face environment. Our API integrates easily with your existing processes, connecting to multiple Canadian data sources to simplify FINTRAC compliance & create an exceptional customer experience.

  • Reduce costs to acquire customers
    • Minimize reliance on expensive sales channels, and costly back-office processes involved in customer acquisition.
  • Create a frictionless customer experience
    • Help customers through your application process faster, reducing disconnected processes and opportunities for attrition.
  • Expand into new market segments & geographies
    • Digitally acquire customers across the country without having to expand your real estate footprint and sales force.
  • Increase verification & automatic approval rates
    • Reap the value of multiple approved data sources to increase your verification rate above single source data providers.
  • Streamline your application process
    • Reduce the time and cost to onboard new customers by embedding KYC as an instant and seamless background process.
  • Acquire new customers online
    • Reduce pushing customers offline to meet with a broker, sales rep, or walk into a branch to complete their KYC collection.

SIDni™ Features

Multiple authoritative data sources

SIDni™ connects with multiple authoritative databases to automatically verify individuals using both the single credit file and dual source methods, pulling information from both Canadian credit bureaus and the majority of Canadian cell phone providers.

Multiple data sources provide better coverage of the Canadian population than any single source can on its own. More of your clients can be onboarded automatically, and less will fall back to manual procedures to verify their identity.

One input, one output, one contract.

SIDni™ manages the connections between sources to optimize the match, and ensure the highest possible verification rate all under a single contract. You simply need to make one call out to SIDni™ and you’ll receive a consolidated response back from the sources, complete with all of the information you need for audit purposes.

Available through API or web portal

There are multiple ways for your team to use SIDni™; either by integrating directly into your existing systems and processes via API, or used right out of the box via web portal. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best fit for your business.

Simple & clear documentation for your developers

SIDni™’s API is supported by clear, easy-to-follow documentation for your development team. It is designed to ensure you can integrate and launch quickly without much disruption to your business.

Optimized to meet Canadian compliance requirements

SIDni™ was built to specifically address the challenges of onboarding individuals in Canada while remaining FINTRAC-compliant with local AML & KYC requirements.